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the chinese ground force is the largest branch of the chinese armed forces much larger than the us army with 1 6 million personnel however as i said before the us army is the better equipped side of the fight and in modern combat technology is everything, decision to evacuate the japanese from the pacific coast - one of the army s largest undertakings in the name of defense during world war ii was the mass evacuation of persons of japanese ancestry from the pacific coast states from all of california and from the western halves of oregon and washington the decision to evacuate the japanese was one made at the highest level by the president of the united states acting as commander in chief, bbc s war and peace filming locations revealed with - countless eastern european locations were selected for war and peace with actors heading to spectacular buildings to bring the epic to life here is our ultimate guide to entering tolstoy s world, reflections the war horse - the war horse is an award winning nonprofit newsroom focused on the departments of defense and veterans affairs, bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa - 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clearly inspired by world war z and the zombie survival guide which are both amazing books but about giant monsters not set in the world of the pacific rim movies