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united states navy seals wikipedia - the united states navy sea air and land teams commonly abbreviated as navy seals are the u s navy s primary special operations force and a component of the naval special warfare command among the seals main functions are conducting small unit maritime military operations that originate from and return to a river ocean swamp delta or coastline, united states navy wikipedia - the united states navy usn is the naval warfare service branch of the united states armed forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the united states it is the largest and most capable navy in the world with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage and the world s largest aircraft carrier fleet with eleven in service and two new carriers under construction, us naval special warfare us navy seals greg e - a first of its kind photo history book on all of u s navy seals naval special warfare from the cia forefathers the oss maritime units through to the raiders and underwater demolition units and into the development and birth of the seals to the present day swcc units and more, sealswcc com official website u s navy seals and swcc - official navy seal swcc website of the u s government how to become a seal or swcc official application steps general requirements seal officer assessment and selection pst calculator and training forum, united states navy seals wikipedia - die united states navy seals si lz sind eine spezialeinheit der us navy sie unterstehen dem united states naval special warfare command navspecwarcom das sein hauptquartier im kalifornischen coronado hat und selbst teil des us special operations command ussocom ist der begriff seal ist ein akronym aus den w rtern sea air land meer luft boden die die einsatzorte der