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what is sap hana sap software solutions - what is sap hana the in memory computing platform that lets you collect store and process high volumes of operational and transactional data in real time, sap learning hub your online enablement platform - build sap skills and keep them up to date with the latest content from sap education you can join a growing community of learners and access self paced e learning courses online classes expert led live sessions and collaborative social learning rooms from anywhere for one affordable annual subscription fee, amazon com sap hana certification guide sap press - rudi de louw is an sap hana architect for sap south africa as well as an international speaker and trainer principal consultant and mentor, sap hana 2 0 editions 2018 by the sap hana academy - sap hana academy video tutorial sap hana dynamic tiering 2 0 sap hana accelerator for sap ase the accelerator for sap adaptive server enterprise ase adds analytics acceleration to the sap ase database engine leveraging sap hana, sap hana on aws quick start - this quick start helps you deploy fully functional sap hana systems on the aws cloud following best practices from aws and sap sap hana is an in memory relational database and application platform that provides high performance analytics and real time data processing, sap bi blog news information about sap business - starting with sap hana 2 0 we can now partition a single table between in memory storage and sap hana extended storage aka dynamic tiring this is an excellent feature because it simplifies the management and code required to manage multiple tables and subsequently bridge them together using additional code, what is sap hana explained in simple terms 100 free - understanding sap hana sap hana is a revolutionary platform based in the company s new in memory database learning it implies choosing to pursue a career path that is both fulfilling and exciting to work with, 6 golden rules for new sap hana developers sap blogs - i ve been developing code in sap hana for nearly 3 years now and at the end of 2013 there is now a huge influx of developers this is good because it means that mass adoption is here but it also means that we see a lot of the same mistakes being made i did some analysis of the questions asked