Pederasty And Pedagogy In Archaic Greece -

pederasty in ancient greece wikipedia - pederasty in ancient greece was a socially acknowledged romantic relationship between an adult male the erastes and a younger male the eromenos usually in his teens it was characteristic of the archaic and classical periods the influence of pederasty on greek culture of these periods was so pervasive that it has been called the principal cultural model for free relationships between, homosexuality in ancient greece definition of - in classical antiquity writers such as herodotus 1 plato 2 xenophon 3 athenaeus 4 and many others explored aspects of same sex love in ancient greece the most widespread and socially significant form of same sex sexual relations in ancient greece was between adult men and pubescent or adolescent boys known as pederasty however marriages in ancient greece between men and women, achilles and patroclus brothers from other mothers or - pederasty is a relationship between an older man and a younger man or teen this relationship usually lasts a good many years but it is not necessarily considered a relationship in the modern sense of the word, homosexuality brotherhoods of gay warriors - homosexuality brotherhoods of warriors the community of their lives had brought about profound friendship among these men the camp for most took the place of their country living without a family they transferred the needful tenderness to a companion and they would fall asleep in the starlight side by side under the same cloak, greek mythology new world encyclopedia - greek mythology has exercised an extensive and profound influence on the culture arts and literature of western civilization indeed greek mythological themes have remained continually relevant throughout western literary history though the ancient greek religions based upon these tales have long since faded into obscurity greek myths remain the archetypal sources for much of western, omosessualit nell antica grecia wikipedia - l onore di un ragazzo dall eroticos di demostene ricaviamo molte informazioni sulle pressioni cui era sottoposto il giovane nei rapporti tra uomo e ragazzo il giovane amato essendo tale per la propria nobile natura non doveva mai e poi mai comportarsi in maniera tale da essere ricoperto d infamia, bisexualidad wikipedia la enciclopedia libre - la bisexualidad se ha definido como la atracci n rom ntica la atracci n sexual o la conducta sexual dirigida tanto hacia hombres como hacia mujeres 1 2 3 o bien como la atracci n rom ntica o sexual a personas de cualquier sexo o identidad de g nero este aspecto a veces se denomina alternativamente pansexualidad 4 5 6