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uniforms of the british army wikipedia - the uniforms of the british army currently exist in twelve categories ranging from ceremonial uniforms to combat dress with full dress uniform and frock coats listed in addition uniforms in the british army are specific to the regiment or corps to which a soldier belongs full dress presents the most differentiation between units and there are fewer regimental distinctions between, red coat military uniform wikipedia - red coat or redcoat is a historical item of military clothing used widely though not exclusively worn by most regiments of the british army from the 17th to the 20th centuries the scarlet tunic continues to be used into the 21st century with several armed forces of the commonwealth of nations adopting them as their full dress and mess dress uniforms, british army of the napoleonic wars napoleon bonaparte - british infantry of the napoleonic wars uniforms organization and tactics, french guard cavalry napoleonic wars uniforms - french guard cavalry uniforms organization weapons the cavalry of imperial guard an old adage runs there is no temple without a god, 1st cavalry division history occupation of japan 1945 - at 0800 hours on 08 september a history making convoy headed by major general william c chase commanding general of the 1st cavalry division departed hara machida with tokyo as its destination, 1822 1922 17th lancers british empire - once again the 17th were sent to help british forces to extricate themselves from potential disaster this time the continent was africa and the foes who were causing so many problems to the british were the zulus, regiments that served with the 7th armoured division - regiments that served with the 7th armoured division during its history the 7th armoured division many different armoured regiments served with the division and its brigades, the evolution of the military bugle in the nineteenth century - on at least two occasions british forces in canada utilized the bugle in a manner that transcended simple signaling on october 26 1813 lieutenant colonel charles de salaberry who learned of bugle horn methods as an aide for major general francis de rottenburg s 60th rifles of the british military 33a distributed his buglers during the battle of cateaugay to sound calls from the woods